Odds & Ends


Cover Illustration for Emerge

I was working on a cover illustration for Lambda Literary’s 2017 Emerge Anthology (released in spring 2018) and the stormy weather outside made these shadow waves across my desk:  Emerge 2017 Cover Art Video


Rabbit Puppet

I made this puppet to use as a model for some illustrations:


Marine Biology & Fairy Tale Hybrids

I created these images/captions by combining the life cycles of three marine species with elements from various fairy tales (“Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Juniper Tree,” “Cinderella,” and others).


Little Red Cap did not fear the wolf.  She contained both the path of needles and the path of pins within her own transparent tentacles.  She dared him to chose either.


The barnacle retracted its appendage from the empty shell of its dead spouse and reached for another.  The newly formed couple caught the translucent planktonic progeny of the previous pairing—and devoured them. 


The glass slipper snail found his shell inconveniently fragile and immodest, but experienced no difficulty finding stacks of opaque women who fit just right.

Embroidered Illustrations


I’m working on using a combination of drawing, painting and embroidery to make illustrations for stories.  I usually start with my own photos, but this one was just for practice, so I based it on a photo of a flying squirrel that I found online – you can see the original here.